Rules And Regulations

Attendance (Very Important)

a) The minimium compulsory attendance is 80% in each subject.
b) If attendance is less than 80% & above 79% the fine is Rs.100/-
-If attendance is less than 79% & above 78% the fine is Rs.200/-
-If attendance is less than 78% & above 77% the fine is Rs.300/-
-If attendance is less than 77% & above 76% the fine is Rs.400/-
-If attendance is less than 76% & above 75% the fine is Rs.500/-
-If attendance is less than 75% not eligible for examination.
c) A trainee who remains absent without leave on valid grounds
continuously for 7 days or more will be discharged without notice.

Rules of college

1) All the columns should be filled carefully – Incomplete application will not be considered.

2) On admission, every trainee shall,

–a) Attend the institution and all the classes in time and regularly.

–b) Always keep with him his identity card.

–c) Be faithful and obedient to the staff members and shall always
behave politely.

–d) Always keep his homework up-to-date.

–e) Be always away from politics or any kind of agitation or strike.

–f) Be in the uniform while in the workshop.

–g) Follow safety rules during practical training.

–h) Give an undertaking as required by the institute.

–i) Appear in all Monthly, Quaterly & Annual test.

3) Instructions to the trainees will be notified on the office notice board from time to time which shall be obeyed without any excuse. The Institute will not issue notice to individual trainees or their guardians except under special circumstances.

4) Parents / Guardians of the trainees shall contact the office at least once in a month to know about the progress and activities of the trainees.

5) All fees shall be paid in time Delayed payments will be accepted with penalty up to one month. If the trainee fails to pay fees as stated above he will beli able to be discharged without any further notice.

6) Any future changes in rules or schedule of fees etc. will be notified & shall be binding on the trainees. Disobedience of the rules will be seriously viewed.